Trauma and Peace

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The lasting effects of trauma are astounding. In the past few months I have spoken with more and more individuals who have experienced severe traumas. Severe trauma doesn’t have to be physical injury in some cases severe trauma happens slowly over time psychologically. Trauma victims includes those who experience a family member of mental illness, substance abuse or abuse of any kind, and even separation and divorce.  In other words it’s probably a lot more common than you think. Many times I think we would rather be sick then look at the effect trauma has had on our lives. Continue reading “Trauma and Peace”


Forgive, Live, and Move On

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I felt inspired to write this post while listening to a song by Mat Kearney called Moving On.  Sometime I am prompted to write a blog in the most spontaneous moments.  I find that these spontaneous blogs become some of my favorite. Continue reading “Forgive, Live, and Move On”

My Dad.

Standing at the finish line I kept hopping up onto the barrier fence to see if I could see him. Minute by minute I kept checking. Peering down the street towards the Reykjavík Harbor. Then I saw him. My dad. Running the last stretch of his first marathon at 62! My heart filled with pride and I cheered loud, real loud, with no abandon. Continue reading “My Dad.”

Doormats and Throne Rooms

I wanted to write this blog Sunday but I am just now getting around to it. Whoops.  Anyway.  Sunday during church I felt that there were many Christians who were feeling dormant in their purpose and calling.  After this impression on my spirit I saw a vision of a doormat sitting outside an entry door.  Outside while the door was closed the enemy kept pacing back and forth over the doormat. Then all of a sudden I noticed that the doormat wasn’t a doormat at all in fact it was the Church.  And I don’t mean the institution I mean the Body of believers that make up the Church. Continue reading “Doormats and Throne Rooms”