In Bed With My Tea

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Does it ever surprise you, this life? As I sit here in bed and quietly drink my hot cup of tea, I’m surprised. Sometimes goodness seems to sneak up on you. Almost like it’s always been there but in a moment the veil is removed and you can see clearly now. The rain is gone. (I couldn’t help it). But for real, how beautiful is it to stop and acknowledge the rain is gone.  To sit back, raise your face towards heaven and soak up the sun. 

Jimmy said it well. 

Oh, yes I can make it now the pain is gone

All of the bad feelings have disappeared

Here is that rainbow I’ve been praying for

It’s gonna be a bright (bright)

Bright (bright) sunshiny day

I remember the rain. I won’t forget the rain. I encountered the glory of the Lord in the midst of the rain. And yet the rain is gone.

Tonight my son said three precious words and in a moment I found down deep within my soul a promise that has been stored away for several years now. 

Years ago on a mountain house deck overlooking Pisgah the Lord spoke a few promises to me. Those were very personal promises but I recalled one of those promises tonight because I saw a glimpse of an answer beyond what I could even ask for or imagine. 

The rain is gone. I can see clearly now. It’s going to be a bright bright sunshiny day.



For those of you who have been my readers for years now, I would like to say thank you. I don’t want to fill my blog with pointless or forced writing.  So I promise you this.  When the moment strikes and I want to write I will share it with you.  I treasure and value my readers enough to publish what is honest, raw, and real.  Sharing my heart with arms wide open.  Thank you for reading my friend.

I Choose To Live

Do you ever feel like you are just barely keeping your head above water? Like, all you can do is just tread water when you wish you could win a triathlon. There must be something about this time in a new year that request oneself to evaluate and assess where one is in life. I personally hate it, at least for this season in my life.  I am nowhere near where I would like to be.  In every area of my life I evaluate and see room for improvement.  It is exhausting just processing it all. Continue reading “I Choose To Live”

Emotional Maturity – Gossip – Love & Hate – Unity & Division

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Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

I have heard this quote throughout my life as a means to discourage gossip.  However I do not necessarily believe that was Mrs. Roosevelt’s only intention.

I believe this definition of minds can be directly related to ones maturity, emotional maturity that is.  Not in ones intelligence (IQ) but in ones emotional intelligence (EQ).  We limit ourselves, and our culture of the day, when we limit our mindsets and our discussions, to talking about people. What if we stopped talking about people or even about events and started talking about ideas. Continue reading “Emotional Maturity – Gossip – Love & Hate – Unity & Division”

Hope & Heartbreak – Pain & Pleasure

A quick 2 minute read

I spent a quick trip down to Charleston, South Carolina with my dear friend Hailey. She surprised me with an invitation to a “rescheduled”  Johnnyswim concert.  The reschedule was due to the fact that the original date was postponed due to the coast evacuation in the threat of a hurricane.  BTW look for a song named hurricane on their next album. Continue reading “Hope & Heartbreak – Pain & Pleasure”

Power and Control vs Empowerment and Self-Control

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Power and control have everything to do with your own personal identity insecurities and your own personal fears.  And nothing to do with the person you’re in relationship with. Wanna get real with me? Keep reading.

Empowerment and Self Control are both key to any healthy, true, and lasting relationship. Any relationship that lacks these two characteristics will fall short, show the pains of dysfunction, and lead to brokenness. Continue reading “Power and Control vs Empowerment and Self-Control”

Today I Cried

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Today I cried because I had to say goodbye. My country house in Iron Station has by far been my most favorite place to live. For many reasons, I loved that place. It was a beautiful home, complete with finishes to my taste. It was open and yet perfectly cozy. The house was all windows, which if you know me, you know I love the outdoors so looking at trees all day and night make me happy. The property backs up to a large horse farm and this time of year it is so common to wake up and see a good handful of horses grazing out back. The horses, uniquely and personally, have been a favorite of mine. My neighbors’ compare to none, they have been simply amazing and the best neighbors I’ve ever had. Who else mows your lawn, plays basketball with your kid, walks and takes care of your dogs, drops beer off, calls a movie night, or a short trip to the local winery… Yeah… They are the best neighbors. Continue reading “Today I Cried”