The Adventure

Welcome to my adventure of writing, more specifically blogging.  I just want to write.  I have no idea what this will turn into but I welcome you to join me in the journey.  So I commit to writing with honesty, boldness and courage.  To brave the fear and put my thoughts out there.  I desire to address topics of faith and love, to inspire people from the everyday to the extraordinary.  Encouragement runs through my veins but I also have been known to not show too much compassion or mercy.  It is much more exciting to light a fire under someone, to motivate them to do something they didn’t think possible.

Tonight my husband Aaron did that for me.  He motivated me to finally start this journey.  It is terrifying for me to write.  I love it and hate it all at the same time. Pushing the publish button and not the delete button will be the hardest part of this for me.  But, it is as they say, with great risk… comes great reward.

So here is the beginning…