The Climb

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I’m selling my house and Saturday I had showings all day long.  I needed to keep the dogs off the property so I spontaneously decided to go hike Crowder’s Mountain.  I grew up hiking.  It’s something my parents both truly enjoyed when I was a young child. I kept it up when I went to college in the Appalachian Mountains.  Some of my favorite college memories are of camping in Pisgah National Forrest, illegally, (wink face emoji).  Now every time I choose to go hiking I wonder why I don’t do it more often.

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Looking for Something Real?

There is a world of people out there looking and searching for something real. Longing for depth, value, meaning, peace, and freedom.  How many of us go through our day to day life with this deep hunger within to be seen, known, and understood?  How many of us long to find our purpose and live it out?  How many of us long to fulfill our destiny?  All of us, I’m sure. Continue reading “Looking for Something Real?”