Christmas Morning

A 2 minute Christmas read


All is quiet. I heard my brother or maybe it was his wife tip toe to the fridge for some water about half and hour ago. And the dogs stirred in the laundry room but since then it’s been so quiet.




I’m just laying here in my bed thinking about all things Christmas and everything that’s happened this year. So many things planned and so many things unexpected. A lot has happened in 2018. Today is not where I expected to be but that’s okay. I’m okay. Truthfully, I know I have a lot to be grateful for. So many near and dear to me are going through Christmas with great grief this year. It still is shocking how quickly life can change. For the better or for the worst.


The other night some dear friends and sisters of mine sat and shared a bottle or two of wine. I shared this reality of how I get stuck feeling like this season I’m in is the only season I’m ever going to be in. And then a day roles up on you and everything changes. And just like that you’re in a new unexpected season.


In this new and unexpected season of my life  I just want to say one thing to all my family and dear friends. I love you.


It’s the relationships, the family and the friends that make up the richness of this thing we call life. In that regard I’ve struck gold.


So in the middle of this season of love, joy, and peace let me thank those who have been love, joy, and peace for me. Thank you, each and everyone of you. For every hug, each kiss, all the smiles, winks, encouraging words, free cups of coffee, and each attentive listening ear, thank you. You are a treasure my friends. I love you. Merry Christmas.


Now I am going to drink this hot cup of coffee and wait for Maverick to wake up and realise it’s Christmas!


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