Trauma and Peace

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The lasting effects of trauma are astounding. In the past few months I have spoken with more and more individuals who have experienced severe traumas. Severe trauma doesn’t have to be physical injury in some cases severe trauma happens slowly over time psychologically. Trauma victims includes those who experience a family member of mental illness, substance abuse or abuse of any kind, and even separation and divorce.  In other words it’s probably a lot more common than you think. Many times I think we would rather be sick then look at the effect trauma has had on our lives.


I recently prayed for a woman who had experienced a traumatic car crash earlier this year.  The vehicle rolled several times before resting on its side.  As a passenger, she walked away from the crash.  Several months later she asked that I pray for her neck, shoulders, back.  She had been experiencing pain ever since the crash. Immediately the Lord impressed upon my spirit for me to pray for the trauma of that crash to dissipate from every fabric of her being.  So I did. I prayed for the chaos to leave her and the perfect peace of Jesus Christ to fill her.  One week later… a beautiful report… no pain. Praise God.


I take this seriously.  So please understand if you have experienced trauma seek professional help.  I do.  I see a therapist once every 3 weeks to work through my own personal traumas. But with that said. I also believe wholeheartedly in the power of prayer in the name of Jesus.  I believe that God is good and I believe that His will is always healing, wholeness, and redemption.  God is in the restoration business.  I do believe there is no trauma too great to hold you, break you, or be the death of you.  I believe that in Christ Jesus you can be more than conquerors.  Not only will you have victory, you will triumph.  Not only will you survive, you will thrive.  Not only will you learn and grow from your past trauma but you can be a beacon and a sounding board for freedom and peace. Whether you go through a process to heal or miraculously heal supernaturally… know that healing is available.  Freedom is here, right here.


Recently my son Maverick has struggled with some fears of his own.  I’ve spent the past few weeks singing him to sleep with a song of peace. Within a few shorts minutes his anxious heart enters into a deep peaceful all night sleep.


Peace Peace God’s Peace
Peace Peace Jesus Peace
Peace Peace Perfect Peace

Maverick, Puppy, and Christine
Maverick and Christine along with Puppy

I pray peace over you now in Jesus name.  That every part of your being marked with trauma would enter into the perfect peace of Jesus Christ as your past traumas fall off and dissipate from your being breathe in God’s peace.


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