Forgive, Live, and Move On

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I felt inspired to write this post while listening to a song by Mat Kearney called Moving On.  Sometime I am prompted to write a blog in the most spontaneous moments.  I find that these spontaneous blogs become some of my favorite.

I believe there is only one way to live in freedom. And that my friends is to forgive.

Forgiveness may not seem easy at first. Especially if you are justice minded. But forgiving doesn’t mean you lose all since of what is just and right. Forgiving allows you to let go, move on, and live in freedom.

I love my dear friends wisdom.

You can’t have true justice without forgiveness being intact. – Mikala Hooper


I love that she chose to use the word intact. In this I believe she means forgiveness must be whole in order for justice to be whole.  Her words of wisdom struck me to my core. Mikala has always been an example to me of forgiving just as Jesus calls us to forgive. 

Christine and Mikala – San Francisco 2017
We don’t realize how powerful forgiveness is. Justice can’t be experienced in full without forgiveness. It just can’t. – Mikala Hooper


This quote of hers rings into my bones and runs into the depths of my being. Forgiveness breeds Kingdom authority, unity, love, peace, and yes, even justice. True justice that is rid of malice, hate, pride, greed, and vengeance. True justice that carries redemption and right standing or as some may say right living.

When we truly forgive we truly see justice at hand. If God is just and the One True Judge and if God calls us to forgive just as he forgave… then forgiving like God will also bring justice like God. I believe God beings justice so well and so fully into our lives that most of us miss it because we’re expecting justice to be bad. When the truth is that His justice is good and far better than we can comprehend.

True justice ends with redemption and nothing less.

And when you choose true forgiveness, true justice, and true redemption… you can truly move on and truly live.


2 Replies to “Forgive, Live, and Move On”

  1. Hi my lovely friend,

    Great article but just to let you know there are a few typos…

    > mean you loose all since of what is just and right (should be lose) > > I believe God beings justice so well > >

    > When the trig is that His justice is good and far better than we can comprehend. >


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