Air Guitar Jam Sessions

Air Guitars
Sometimes you need to be reminded of a childlike faith.

Last night instead of enforcing our bedtime routine I opted for a dance/jam session to some of our favorite tunes. Maverick’s dancing changed to an air guitar.  He quickly added an intentional stage presence. I was amused at first and then watched in wonder at this child of mine. He was embracing the moment with a wide smile that infected his entire being. There was joy, and it was abounding in my kitchen right in front of me.
What was going to be 1 song became 2 and 2 became 3.  I joined in, shedding my dancing for an air guitar of my own.
These moments are by far the highlights in my life I will forever treasure. I’m sure I’ll treasure accomplishments, sport games, graduations, jobs and so much more in this life to come but I don’t think I will treasure the mountain tops as much as I will treasure these everyday moments, walking, living, and embracing.
Being present in this life is a gift we must be intentional and trained up in. Being present is a treasure we often pass up on in search of what is not now.
If we embrace life today we might discover our tomorrow to be so much richer, with a value and a worth, that tomorrow would not hold if it had not been for our intention to be present today.
Embrace the present. It’s the only way to truly live.

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