Redemption Doesn’t Always Look Like We Think

A 2 minute read.

What was it like for Jesus to be the Messiah and be judged by the religious leaders of the day? I can’t imagine what it was like for Him, to stand there in their presence the Messiah, and be judged blasphemous.

The reality was Jesus wasn’t what they pictured. He wasn’t their idea of the Messiah and therefore, to them, he wasn’t. Continue reading “Redemption Doesn’t Always Look Like We Think”


The Whole Truth

Reading time 8 minutes. I couldn’t stop writing.

We all talk about God’s love and glory. But if we are going to talk about that we also must talk about God’s call for us to be holy, righteous, and set apart. We cannot not talk about glory without talking about sacrifice. Continue reading “The Whole Truth”