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“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted
and saves the crushed in spirit.” – Psalm 34:18

Let’s talk about being heartbroken. This past week I felt a pain so great I actually felt like my physical heart was splitting in two. I physically collapsed to the floor, feeling sorrow like I’ve never known before. Continue reading “Heartbroken”

What’s Next? by Bronté

Bronté is my muse.  She is my inspiration and I love her dearly.  Bronté and I have a unique connection.  We see each other every Christmas Eve at our family reunion but with all the benefits of Instagram we stay in touch.  You can follow her blog at www.brontesmithblog.wordpress.com.  She writes the way she speaks, just like me, maybe it’s in our blood.  She is a senior at Myers Park High and, as you will see when you read, is asking Jesus, What’s Next? 


Jesus what’s next?

The unknown can be quite terrifying and in all honesty so can asking the Lord this question. Not knowing what tomorrow holds causes me anxiety. Who will be my friends? What college is he wanting me to go to? Will I feel lonely? How might he use me? Continue reading “What’s Next? by Bronté”