Friends it is an honor and a privilege to introduce you to my friend Tia McNelly.  She is my guest blogger this week.  I hope you enjoy every word.


tia mcnelly head shotTia McNelly lives in North Carolina with her husband and two daughters. Her little piece of the internet can be found at where she blogs about hearing from God in everyday life. Tia is also the featured speaker at Collected workshops for women (@collectedwomen). These events empower communities of women all over the world to walk in the fullness of their identity with purpose and passion. With a background in maternity nursing and non-profit management, Tia is honored to have a seat on the board of Flourish Kenya, a non-profit organization that prevents and supports unplanned adolescent pregnancy in rural Kenya. (Photo credit:


Tia McNelly

Just like the disciples saw a need to feed the crowd that came to hear Jesus preach, we see needs around us that seem insurmountable every day. I know I can tend to feel as if what I have to offer couldn’t possibly be enough to make a difference. Some of us may wonder, “What can I, little ole me, ever do to change anything about this situation?”

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Abused Women

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I am proud to be a woman. And I am proud of who I have become. I was a very young child the first time I was abused. I grew up in a loving Christian home with wonderful parents but they could not always protect me from this broken world. Since that age I gained a greater education and understanding of abuse than most of my childhood peers. With that said I am still learning. Continue reading “Abused Women”

We have to continue his dream – by Hailey Brown

In 2018 I will be sharing blogs that I read.  This blog is written by my dear friend Hailey Brown.  Her blog can be found at  Hailey has spent her time studying and practicing what it means to abide in the Lord.  Abiding is a constant theme in her writing.  Whether she is sharing about her marriage, daughters, counselling, or her personal thought life, abiding is woven into the fabric of it all.  I hope you enjoy her most recent blog, We have to continue his dream.

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I am a white female. Born into a middle class family. I’ve never been told where I could or could not attend school, I’ve never been forced to move to the back of a public bus, and I certainly have not been maliciously beaten because of the color of my skin. Continue reading “We have to continue his dream – by Hailey Brown”

Who Says?

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Who says? I took a step back and evaluated my life. I asked myself why I was living the way I was living? Why was I making the choices and decisions that I was making?

I learned something pretty surprising. As much as I would love to say that I was living my life for the Lord so much of my day in day out living was full of choices influenced by the culture around me. Continue reading “Who Says?”