Light in the Darkest Depths

Reading time 4 minutes.

I will give you the treasures of darkness
and riches from secret places,
so that you may know that I am the Lord.
I am the God of Israel, who calls you by your name.

– Isaiah 45:3

I dug into this verse and you know what I found out? God gives treasures in darkness. He gives us the treasures that have been hoarded away by darkness. He gives riches from secret places. And in this context he is speaking to a Persian king who does not know him. Yet God gives him treasures and riches so that all would know there is no other, only the God of Israel. Continue reading “Light in the Darkest Depths”


The Gift Is Already Present

Reading time 4 minutes.

Take a deep breath.  Pause.  Gain a greater perspective than the one you’ve been carrying.  Take a minute to see the gift that is already present.  A gift that is for you and already within you.  Pause.  Recognize the goodness of the glory of God presently abiding within you.

For it is good news.  Good news for you today.  God’s love for you is undefinable, unreasonable, and unbreakable.  And more than this His love is present within you.

I want to encourage you.  God is inviting you to be present with Him.  The Blessed Lamb of God died so that we could be one with Him.  This comes when we become aware that we are already unified with Him.  It also increases when we turn ourselves to be attentive to His voice spoken personally to us. Continue reading “The Gift Is Already Present”

I’m sorry. I was wrong.

Reading time 5 minutes

I’m sorry. I was wrong.

How hard is it to say these words? How hard is it to truly mean them from the heart?

And yet, how we long for these words to be said, in true meaning, by those who have hurt us the most?

Honest humility may seem for the weak but it’s actually those who are the strongest who can master it. It takes more inner strength, courage, and truth to own your sin, mistakes, and failures than many would like to admit. Continue reading “I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

The Mouth

Reading time 5 minutes.

Watch your mouth! Do you remember an authoritative figure, maybe a parent or teacher scolding you like that when you were little?

I find it so ironic. If only I could hear the clear and convicting instruction of the Lord every time I went to open my mouth against His will. We hold power to bless or curse every time we speak. We have opportunity to bring heaven or hell in our speech. We can choose to partner with the kingdom of darkness or the Kingdom of Light. Of course no one is perfect. Continue reading “The Mouth”


Reading time 4 minutes.

Have you ever been shocked at how widely you can be misunderstood?

I find this struggle more and more in my everyday life. My personal, selfish need, to be seen and known, struggles deeply with being misunderstood. Over these past months I have learned to let it go. I may not always like being misunderstood but I am okay with it.

These truths remain. I do not need to prove myself to others. I do not need to be known by others. I only need to live my life for Christ, know Him, and be known by Him. Continue reading “Misunderstood “