From Discounted To Empowered

Reading time 6 minutes

The enemy intends for our brokenness to discount us. But I know God, who empowers us out of it. God takes what the enemy meant to kill, steal, and destroy and He brings us into redemption, hope and life that we never thought possible. In time, we can live our lives not only in full but in ongoing overflow.

Don’t let the enemy discount you. Instead let the Father God empower you.

This is my plea. Be set apart. Recognize that you were made for so much more than this. Recognize that you have the power and authority within you to change yourself and in turn change the world. Please, do not diminish the purpose you have in this world to usher in change and hope.  My plea to you is this, don’t let your past discount your future.  Continue reading “From Discounted To Empowered”


Sin, Consequence, & Redemption

Reading time: 7 minutes

Sin brings consequences. And consequences aren’t evil. Consequences are necessary.

Think about it. When Adam and Eve sinned they were removed from the garden. [Genesis 3] God’s consequence was not an evil or bad response. It was a necessary one. The consequences given to Adam and Eve by God were not from a place of hate but from a place of love. These consequences were the necessary beginning to their redemption.

Consequence is the first step towards redemption. The consequence is purposed to turn us to redemption. To change our way of thinking. To wake up and recognize the raw reality of our sin.

I understand and believe that it is the kindness of God that leads us to repentance. [Romans 2:4] This truth does not make the other null and void. Instead it is proof there of God’s great love for us. His kindness offers a consequence. For it was out of the kindness of His heart that he removed Adam and Eve from the garden. It was for their protection. It was the first step to their redemption. Continue reading “Sin, Consequence, & Redemption”