Worth It – Priceless

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It’s more than worth it.

The worth of glory. Priceless. Do you remember when MasterCard came out with it’s Priceless marketing series? Genius. A company that thrives on money – markets with priceless. Remember their line, “Some things in life are priceless. For everything else there’s MasterCard.”

Their pull is that there are some experiences in life that are worth more than anything else in the world, they are priceless. So since you can’t put a price on these experiences, spend as much money as possible with your MasterCard to make this priceless experience a reality. Continue reading “Worth It – Priceless”



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Everyone has one. We all live from our own perspective. Our thoughts, our decisions, our input, our way of life, are all based from our perspective.

It has never ceased to amaze me how you can get so many different opinions from so many different people. The reality is people give input or advice based on their perspective. Each person may have good or bad reason for their perspective, but they have one.

As a people and a culture we seek out the advice and opinions of those around us.   We are saturated with a new culture of social media, where opinions and advice come freely and sometimes even unnecessarily. Most of this is offered from a place of conviction that ones personal perspective is best. Some even go as far to claim their perspective as right and true. Continue reading “Perspective”

My Theme: Failure

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Do you ever notice a theme popping up in your life?

My theme has been stumbling, or if we are going to get specific, failing.

My pastor, Jeff Watson, preached this past Sunday at Newsong Church about Straggling, Straddling, Struggling, and Stumbling. The one that stood out to me? Stumbling. Why and how does one stumble? The answer is simple; you have to be moving forward to stumble. You can’t be stagnant or still. The very fact that you stumble is proof that you are working on moving forward.

Forward motion is key in life. But so many times we don’t move forward because we are afraid to stumble and fall, to fail. But here is the thing. Your stumbling, falling, and failing is what is required to learn and grow so that we might become effective. Continue reading “My Theme: Failure”