There is nothing broken – that can’t be fixed

Do you feel you’re too messed up to be who you were meant to be?

Do you feel you’ve gone too far, done too much, been down the wrong road so long that you can’t go back?

The truth is there is nothing broken that can’t be fixed.

Seriously, I believe it.  I believe in it.  If you can’t trust, can’t believe… there goes all hope.  What is life without hope?

I hope in the one who created heaven and earth.  I hope in the one who became man, lived among us, died a indescribable death and rose again.  I hope in his intercession for me and for you.  I hope in his promise to return and take us with him into a new heaven and a new earth.

I know no one can be too broken.

No one is too broken, messed up, wrecked, or damaged for Jesus.  Jesus came that we all might be able to be fixed from our brokenness.  Saved from our destruction, healed from our ill discretions.

I hope in him because there is no hope in us without him.  Without him, without Jesus?  We have to be the broken, messed up, wrecked and damaged people we are.

But with Jesus, oh, the joy is with Jesus…

We are restored, picked up, pristine, and free.

I say it a lot, and maybe because it’s true.  The difference between a Christian and the world is that Christians admit their no good and will never be, so they surrender their lives to Jesus.  Jesus who unfailingly loves us enough to fix what we thought would always be broken.